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My goal is to get my daughter’s room in some kind of organized state before I have my big appointment in a couple weeks. I really even need some new furniture solutions. She plays in an entirely new way and has outgrown her toys, her furniture and even the way her room is arranged. When I’m done she will finally have the space and access to things she needs to focus on her art and science projects and fairy land. We even went to the Columbia University library today so she can get ideas for how to organize her many, many books.

Of course, it occurs to me that the purging that is required to make space for my little one’s interests in her room, is similar to the purging that needs to be done in one’s life. At this stage in my life, even though I have purged and minimized my possessions and commitments with every priority and valuable resource in mind, I still find myself in a pile of crap every once and a while.  Whether physically sorting through the endless mail that makes its way into our home with the torrent and force of a paper tsunami,  or psychically finding myself treading in a trough of negativity. We all need to reassess from time to time.

Sometimes, like now, it’s not that our setup is so bad. It’s just that our needs and lives have changed.  The big boxes and cubbies were perfect for the giant toys she used to play with, but now the microscopic treasures and craft supplies require a completely different organization. My life is changing too. And it will change even more. After listening to stories about how to process disability papers and not being able to remember your own family’s names after endless infusions of chemo, I realize that certain people may not fit in. Just starting to share the news with some people was enough to send them packing. Farethewell fair weather friends, I say. But worse were the ones who felt compelled to be abusive or withdrawn after sharing the news. Thankfully, I’m a tough old broad and very capable of cutting a cord with little fanfare or drama.

For me, creating some clarity in my home is part of preparing my entire family for this major life change.  And purging our lives of things, ideas or people that block us from living our lives fully, is not so difficult when you can imagine what you are making space for. Freedom, peace of mind and the time and energy to enjoy the people and experiences that truly matter.



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  1. I like that you wrote about purging people in addition to stuff. The older I get the more I am convinced that life is too short to be around people who are toxic and negative. In your case, you don’t need fair-weather friends. No one does. I’m glad that those individuals have revealed themselves so that you could purge them and spend your time with people who are genuine and truly in your corner.

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