it’s like the universe wants my daughter’s room to be a disaster…

mid-reorganization, we have been stricken ill with the flu, pneumonia and a fever. and yes, we get all our shots. of course, it happened right at the point when all my daughter’s stuff is sitting in the middle of her room, looking ripe for someone to drop a match and start the pinkest, fluffiest bonfire ever. thank you, now i’m not only a sick, therefore negligent parent, but her room looks like an episode of kindergarten hoarders. *sigh*

i have not had any infections since i was diagnosed and that is a good thing. sadly, i worry that development will change my diagnosis and treatment…..i also didn’t realize that when i get sick i’m supposed to go to a special urgent care at MSK. oh well, ya live ya learn.

they gave us some scrips and said to stay away from people with germs. ..hahaha. have you MET children?

2 thoughts on “it’s like the universe wants my daughter’s room to be a disaster…

  1. Bedrooms are a continual thing….I would try to convince myself that that is their domain and I would try to live with it….then I would say …. in 5 days I am going to clean your room…while you are at school…!!! and…just like Vegas….what goes in the trash bag….stays in the trash bag!! But you remember the bedrooms…I wasn’t too strict there…seems everyone needs their space…

  2. I think the reason Lauren never gets sick is because her room has been messy since she was responsible for cleaning it. Aside from the rare moments of cleanliness, she for the most part lives in a disordered, chaotic, are you f**ing me??? room. She was the only person in our family over Thanksgiving to not get the flu. There may be method in her madness……..

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