no miracle too small or too massive

it’s a miracle!!! 🙂 just heard back about my bone marrow biopsy. the numbers have only crept up, ever so slightly and my ratio dipped hugely! so now, we are stepping back from treatment and back to watch and wait!!!!! with a whole lot of luck, maybe we’ll even have a whole year before treatment 🙂 but i will be going in every month to check, of course.

anyway, yep, in the same week, we have achieved another miracle! i actually can see the bottom of our laundry hamper!

i know this is not forever, but i am really enjoying celebrating this moment in time! wahoo! miracles do happen and every minute more that we get to enjoy our lives, is very, very precious!

thank you G-d. xo



4 thoughts on “no miracle too small or too massive

  1. His mercies are new each day and joy comes in the morning!! Love how God has shown up in the most mundane of tasks and delivered mighty miracles all in one breath. May you constantly feel His presence, strength, and love!

  2. Wonderful!!!! I’m certain that this miraculous reprieve … hooray!!!! …. is because you have wuch a big heart and delightful appreciation for Life, which is like a prayer, and so many oeople are praying for you every day… it’s an outpouring of Love <3 🙂

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