f**kit list

#4 on the f**kit list accomplished!

4. Visit family in Israel before my SCT. SCT might prevent me from being able to travel internationally for sometime. Even when I am able, I might be limited in what I can do. Especially on such a long flight. Maybe 3 & 4 should be merged together. We all need to see our Saba and Safta and brother Jei and aunts and uncles and 25 cousins, most of all Daddy and little one to feel some family love before embarking on this journey.

Well, we did it! I was on round two of antibiotics for that month as we boarded the plane, but I did it, dangit!  My daughter had an incredible time climbing and playing and running and being way more free than she is able to be in NYC. And while this was her 4th visit to Israel, it was the first time she and her cousins were really able to connect despite the language barrier, so it was really important.

My husband thinks it would be a great idea if we live there… that’s a conversation for another day…


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